IN all places, at all times, mission is always possible!

IN all places, at all times, mission is always possible!

IN all places, at all times, mission is always possible!IN all places, at all times, mission is always possible!IN all places, at all times, mission is always possible!


How LOCAL mission is ALWAYS possible!


our local missions!


The Birthday Club!

The Shining Stars Cheer Team!

The Shining Stars Cheer Team!

Through the “Birthday Club” program, special needs children attend a 2.5 hour “Open Gym” each month, at which ALL monthly birthdays, of participants and volunteers alike, are celebrated with cake, presents, pizza, and an awesome afternoon of fun, active play-time at Hot Shots Cheer gym!  Parents of special needs kids are able to drop their kids at “Birthday Club” and enjoy an afternoon of “respite” while their kids are being cared for by an incredible community of MIP volunteers!  “Birthday Club” is open to any and all special needs young people, in addition to their siblings, free of charge each month.  Thank you for your support!


The Shining Stars Cheer Team!

The Shining Stars Cheer Team!

The Shining Stars Cheer Team!

Through the Shining Stars program, these special athletes get to experience a real cheerleading camp, learn a real cheerleading routine, attend real cheerleading practices with real cheer coaches, wear real cheer uniforms, and represent their community with 3 REALLY INCREDIBLE team performances!  This year’s performances will include “Cheerleading Night” at the Coosa Valley Fair, The “Rock n Cheer” Pep Rally at the Forum, and a special guest performance at the Columbus Civic Center in November at the GHSA State Cheerleading Championship!



The Shining Stars Cheer Team!


At TEAM MIP, we are "Youth Led, Spirit Driven, Mission Centered, Kingdom Bound!"  Through TEAM MIP, we empower young people to LEAD their community, through service to others within their community, "one heart out, one hand up" at a time!  TEAM MIP models and instills the "grace-based" nature of our foundation.  By encouraging and empowering young people, not to follow, but to LEAD in service to others in their community, they learn to embody the "grace-based" life, which is to discern the graces God has given them, discover someone or somewhere these graces are sorely needed, and to let their life's work be about letting those graces flow from one to another.

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Mission IS Possible!

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Have you been blessed with a good "401k?"   Mission IsPossible can help you grow a great "4OTHERones K"!  And your "return on investment" in MIP will be local community impact through local community outreach, "one heart out, one hand up" at a time!  Thank YOU for showing that mission is ALWAYS possible!  The Mission ISpossible Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 public charity.  All investments are tax deductible.

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Our Story...


Since 2005...

In September of 2005, in the shadow of the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina, in an assembly led by a small group of young people, an idea, a hope, a dream, indeed, a vision was born. And over the next 12 years, that vision would become the local, regional, and national impact program that is Mission ISPossible. 

A "youth led", monthly outreach program, since its inception in 2005, Mission IsPossible has amassed more than 144 months of service, more than 5000 volunteers, totaling more than 20,000 volunteer service hours, and impacting the lives of a countless number of individuals. On a line item budget amount of $0, and organized by an entirely volunteer leadership team and workforce.  "In all places, at all times, we believe Mission ISPossible!"  

Following more than a decade of incredible impact as an organic, local start up program, The Mission ISPossible Foundation, Inc. has been formed to further foster, promote, inspire, assemble, empower, and activate a collaborative of outreach-minded individuals, organizations, corporations, and religious groups, from throughout the community, for the exclusive purpose of ACTUALIZING a consistent, focused, intentional, impactful response to the needs presented WITHIN that community.  Instead of boats to travel across oceans, we assemble teams to travel across the street, the neighborhood, perhaps as far as the other side of town. We specialize in the wide-spread, wholesale distribution of respect, connection, conversation, dignity, interaction, encouragement, and all the support we can offer to those who need it the most!   We are, in both principle and in heart, an organization that has always and will always remain "youth led, spirit driven, mission centered, kingdom bound." 

Through the Mission ISPossible Foundation, young people will CONTINUE to realize, in, with , and through service to others, that they are being, and can always be, the change they want to see in their world! And that THAT change can begin RIGHT HERE , RIGHT NOW, in their own community, with their own hands.  For those hungering for relation, MIP brings authentic conversation.  For those thirsting for dignity, MIP offers genuine respect.  For those displaced by estrangement, MIP offers reconnection.  For those sickened with self-doubt, MIP offers affirmation.  For those imprisoned by injustice, MIP offers liberation.  Because in all things, in all places, at all times, we believe Mission ISPossible!