Team MIP doesn't run "from", we run "For"!

 We are so proud of the 8 awesome volunteers who have agreed to represent Team MIP in the Hotlanta Half Marathon on Sunday, June 9 in downtown Atlanta!  Over the 12 weeks of training preparation, this group of volunteers is running a total of more than 2400 miles to raise awareness and support for MIP.  This incredible group of "missioners" ranges in age from college undergrads to "seasoned citizens", and in experience from first-time "halfers" to seasoned marathoners.  Most importantly, the one thing EVERY member has in common is the belief that "in all places, at all times, mission is ALWAYS possible!"   Through this run, they are helping fund local community impact through local community outreach, "one heart out, one hand up" at a time!  

To Lily Curry, Tanner Oyler, Jordan Magness, Lauren Shank, David Moore, Mary Ann Long, Keith Long, and Grant Magness, we say "THANK YOU" for believing in MIP! 

The Hotlanta Half Marathon is a 13.1 mile run.  Team MIP is seeking investors who believe in our mission and have the means to support our cause in the form of a per mile financial investment, ranging from $10 to $100 per mile for the 13 mile run.  If the idea of $10/mile seems too high, we will accept investments of $1/mile.  If the idea of $100/mile seems too low, we will accept investments of $1000/mile and beyond!  You also have the flexibility to break up your total investment into 13 monthly payments (adding your per mile amount monthly for 13 months is the same as making a one-time, lump sum investment, meaning you can invest at the highest level for only $100/month).   MIP cannot tell you what is "too high" or "too low" for you, but we can tell you "Thanks" for your consideration.  Which is why  we say "Thank YOU!"  Also, please leave a note of support and encouragement in the section provided so the runners will have a chance to hear your kind words and know you have chosen to invest in their honor!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card